ogcartman's World of Warcraft (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

Unbelievably Phenominal!!!

Where to i start to describe this game, its World of freakin' Warcraft!!!

I will edit this review later and add more information but here it goes

World Of Warcraft is a fantasy MMO by blizzard where charicters can do lots of fun quests, dungeons, raids, you name-it. This game has revolutionized the MMO genre, claiming over 12 million subscriptions. It has been called addicting for its never ending gameplay. They currently have the level up at 70 and have released an expansion, with more coming up. They have many classes over many rases over the Horde and Alliance. PvE is extremely fun with hundreds and hundreds of spells, huge monsteres and bosses, the deep sea, high mountrains and awesome quests!! They have lots of huge areas so theyres always more quests, monsters and place to discover. Mounted travel at level 30 and griphons are very fun to use and can get you traveled quickly. The dungeons are huge, bright, brutal and fun and with guilds, you can make friends just so quickly. Say, for example your quest says that you have to kill 30 ice demons in this certain area so your there, kill them in a brutal, fun fashion on the icy terain when someone else comes and starts killing some mobs, you say hey, they say hey back, you both finish a quest, level up, distribute skill points, learn 10 new spells, make a friends then go to the battlegrounds to PvP and get hundreds of fun kills. Im not even scratching the surface, im miles from the surface using a microsoft too look down at it, this game is HUGE!

I cant put into words how phenominal this game is, i just cant, theres new content added all the time, millions of things to do and its extremely fun.

If you own a PC, you should get it. If you dont, get a PC and play it!

My rating scale depends on the platform and genre its on. Since PC has much more awesome games on it, i mark much harder on it so a 80% on PC would mean its great compared to the hundreds of other awesome PC games of that genre, and might be better than a 98% of consoles. A great game is a great game, on the system. I like to keepy my reviews short and sweet, so i wont bore you and get to the point. If theres an official review out on Giant Bomb, you should definately read it because they are the best reviewers in the worlds! =D

Gameplay 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Fun 10/10
Replay 10/10
Single+Multiplayer 10/10

Overall =  50/50  =  100%


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