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Very Addicting. Don't Play This. You'll Regret It.

I give this game 2 stars instead of one because It's very fun, but unfortunately, three times more addicting. I started playing this game because most of my friends were at school. Two of those 5 friends, I believe, are in serious trouble, one more than the other, but still. One of my friends, Frank(Not real name), frequently does all-nighters and also skips school to play this game. My other friend, Timothy(Not real name), plays an awful lot as well, but not as much as Frank.

I feel bad for them, they always seem tired and have mood swings quite often. One hour, they'll be happy and full of energy. The next, they'll be tired and want to do nothing with anyone.

Trust me here people, this game is addicting, almost as much as crack. (Thus the game is often dubbed "World of Warcrack") You don't know how fast the time flies by when you play this game. I know, I used to play, but I stopped after a couple months. IT DOES NOT TAKE LONG AT ALL TO GET ADDICTED! HEAD MY WARNING PEOPLE!

Also, Blizzard must be making billions of dollars by now, with 12 million people all paying $15 a month,(not to mention the expansions they come out with that gives players that buy them the ability to get a stronger character.) they're rolling in the dough.


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Posted by DaveSF

Sad, but somewhat true.  This is really not a new phenomenon, as when I was in college some students would become addicted to text-MUDs and drop out. However, wow is much more accessible and engaging for the majority than the obscurity of the old text-adventure MUDs.  
I recommend for young people and college students especially to stay away from the game. Focus on your studies and your career. When you get to a place where you're a success, playing this game in your spare time might be a harmless vice, but if it harms your college education it will be a huge mistake.  

Posted by Sepultallica86

It is a very addicting game, but that should`t justify if it sucks or not. WoW has very good features, and great core mechanics to the game, and that is why it is very addicitng. This game is unbelievably amazing, and I recommend most people should try it out, but yes, it is very addicting once you get doing quests.

Posted by mattdragn

Wow is a very addictive game, but also very fun. I have to agree with the reviewer, because I too have three friends who do little with their free time but play Wow. Myself I play the game a little, but not destructively so. Its all down to the individual.

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