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World Sports Competition is a miscellaneous sports game exclusive to the TurboGrafx-16. In Japan, it is known as Power Sports, and is part of Hudson's Power Sports series which includes World Class Baseball (JP: Power League) and Power Golf.

The player can take part in the Summer Olympics with their own created character, or spend time training on individual events. There are eighteen different events in total which are separated into six different categories.

World Sports Competition was eventually added to the Wii's Virtual Console in 2007.

Featured Olympic Events

  • Shooting: Rapid Fire Pistol
  • Shooting: Trap Shooting
  • Archery: Individual Archery
  • Field: Long Jump
  • Field: Triple Jump
  • Field: High Jump
  • Field: Discus Throw
  • Field: Hammer Throw
  • Field: Javelin Throw
  • Track: 100m
  • Track: 110m Hurdles
  • Track: 400m
  • Rowing: Single Scull
  • Swimming: Freestyle
  • Swimming: Breaststroke
  • Swimming: Backstroke
  • Swimming: Butterfly
  • Swimming: Individual Medley

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