Does anybody still play this?

#1 Posted by TheKramer89 (444 posts) -

i just recently heard of this game and thought it sounded absolutely brilliant. is there still an active community?
#2 Posted by Spark (62 posts) -

There's always an active mission to join, but the player activity really depends on your timezone. I believe once v1.33 rolls out the free-to-play system will be advertised and more players will join the game.

#3 Posted by Grilledcheez (4008 posts) -

Wow, I remember my brother playing this back in the day...didn't know it was still a thing.

#4 Posted by Spark (62 posts) -
It's still very much a thing, the developers have been rolling out updates like crazy this past year.
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@Spark said:
" @GrilledCheez01:  It's still very much a thing, the developers have been rolling out updates like crazy this past year. "
Wild.  I hadn't heard anything about this game in years.
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This was such a great game.  I might get lynched for saying this, but I'd kinda like to see one of the big name companies take over this and really put it out there for more people to get into.  A lot of people don't even know a game like this exists.

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While I respect your opinion, I disagree. Just a few hours ago I participated in one of the best battles I played in the game. It wasn't captivating because I was mowing down enemies with a SMG, or because there were large explosions pumping adrenaline in my system. It was captivating because after fighting so hard for so long it finally paid off, even if it was just for a single battle. I don't believe a big-name publisher can offer an experience like that, they need to draw in players with flashy visuals and more accessible gameplay in order to maximize profits, and because of that pressure for profits I feel those moments of bliss that come after battling through frustrations and disappointments will be lessened, replaced with cheaper instant gratifications. I 100% agree that this game needs more exposure, polish and funding, but I can't say I want it at the expense of the game's soul.
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Sounds like a really neat game. 

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The game was always great, but it's a game for patient players.  It's a different sort of excitement than in a Call of Duty game.  It takes more effort and commitment than your small-instanced games, but the payoff is big.

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I played an absolute ton of this years ago, I really loved the tank combat and seem to remember actually being really good at it. One of the few online competitive games I actually ever got really good at.


Second I posted this I had a great memory of when my 'guild' decided to invade England, it took us hours and hours by boat to get everyone over there to try and capture a point but the main game map signalled we were there and people started spawning in to fight us and we had to split up and just hide out in this forest, it was great nights worth of playing, super tense.

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