New Worms DLC thoughts...

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Well I don't think it's as brilliant as it could have been, but still, it's only 400 MSP for what other games would try to charge more for. The new weapons are weird, but I think I just need to get used to them. I haven't used the Steal or Invisibility weapons since I haven't gone online yet, but the ferrets are cool - the way they walk over everything is awesome, but the 30 damage between them sucks. Termites are cool, but unreliable, and don't do damage, so I'm not too sure why anyone would use them over blowtorch unless the wanted random tunnels. The worship thing is okay, but I really like the Marked for death weapon. 
The new landscapes are pretty good - I wish the snow level was pure white without brown stones, and not too sure why space is there when you have cheese planet. But I absolutely HATE the confetti falling everywhere in the background! Makes the game look terrible messy and horrible. I hope they get rid of it or at least tone it down... 
The Warzone missions are getting really hard - the worms seem to have pin-point accuracy with the bazookas - and the Body count mode is okay. I guess they're picking up on the whole Horde/Firefight/Survival craze. Superforts seems awesome, except that I'm not too sure what the difference between Forts and Superforts is. Other than being able to use the new forts. The customization is okay too, I like the new helmets. But what do you guys think? For 400 MSP I think it's a good deal for a bit more variation in games and some new landscapes and game modes. I wish there were a few more new weapons, but the game already has enough. Maybe the magic bullet, ming vase and old lady need to make an appearance, but I doubt it.

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