Worms 2 on PSN?

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Is there any idea of the time-frame of this happening?  I've just come back from my buddies house, where we played some awesome rounds on 360...I've read it is going multiplatform, but I ask the internets and their bottomless knowledge - when is Worms 2 Armageddon coming to PSN?
*edit - sorry, I saw right when I clicked post that this isn't in the correct game forum...

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To my knowledge, this game isn't coming out on PSN.

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@JJOR64: Dangit. I guess I should look forward to Braid then...
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I wouldn't rule it out but I wouldn't hold my breath either. The first XBLA Worms did eventually come to PSN, but it took well over a year.

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You'll be pleased to know they're accepting applications for Beta testing on PC and PSN :)

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