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XBLA Worms 2: Armageddon Review

The first Worms on the XBLA was a huge success but the main problem was the limitation of weaponry at your disposal, so Team 17 have corrected their ways with Worms 2 giving the huge variety of wacky and weird weaponry we have come to love from the Worms series.

You have your basic single player which consists of 35 levels. These have a nice progress of normal deathmatches where it is just kill the enemy Worms, to racing through a level using a jetpack or ropes and even small puzzles that can be quite challenging. It is nothing special but what else do you expect from a Worms game.

The multiplayer is definitely the main reason you would purchase this game. It offers three game modes, Deathmatch, Fort and Rope Race. Fort pitches two teams of two against each other. Each team get a Fort which is chosen by one player, these can range from a Pirate Ship to a Chicken and all provide different advantages. However at the end of the day it's back to kill, kill, and kill.

The weaponry is vastly improved offering over 40 different weapons to choose from. Your standard Rocket Launcher and Grenades are back but some classic ones like the Holy Hand Grenade and the Super Sheep have made a welcome return. Each weapon isn't explained in the tutorial or the single player so some trial and error will take place on your first time using some weapons. For example by mistake I casted a lightning strike on an enemy only to find out it gives health, so I accidently gave health to my enemy. But then I realized that is not its only trick as if you cast it on a tomb stone it will revive your fallen Worm.

The controls are your simple easy pick up and play style that we have come to love from Worms. Your small physic based effects like the wind can help a rocket along or pull it back and also fire has been added into the mix. This is a great feature adding a more dynamic element to the battlefield, as the fire will burn through the landscape during rounds you can find your worm being burnt in a pit of hell.

This game is clearly a must buy for any Worms fan as it adds tons of new items and it truly is the complete Worms package. It's a shame it does not host bigger multiplayer games than up to four players but as it's turn based I guess the waits would become slightly too long. So with updated graphics, fire effects, many many weapons, new game modes and a ton of stuff you can unlock via credit you collect in the single player you would be made to not get some Worms for yourself.

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