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Worms, Again.

Worms people, again, for all of you worms fans!

Really? Just go and buy Worms Armageddon and enjoy a really good Worms Game!

So. what are they adding this time around to make people buy it? New Graphics (as much as graphics mean something in a worms game), Classes (No need of them, really), some new Items to use and Water physics (the only real innovation of this title (they even went as far as put it on the cover!)

Other then that there are no new things, it's the same old Worms! If you have the previous installments of this franchise don't bother to purchase this one! The game is not bad, it plays as a classic Worm game (with some new twists) and if you are new to the franchise you could give it a try, hotseat it with some of your friends and you'll come to hate each other.

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