Turn based FPS?

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#1 Posted by beckmyster89 (12 posts) -

Just downloaded the demo for this game and its basically a FPS thats turn based. Really disappointed by it to. Worms, much like tetris, is suppose to be a game I go to because its familar and somewhat nostalgic. Now dont get me wrong I like changes to a certain degree i.e. Pac man championship DX, but it needs to be done well.

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#2 Posted by Bevinsky (189 posts) -

Well, based on what I've seen of this, this just seems like a re-release of Worms 4 Mayhem. Which is essentially what you just described.

4 Mayhem was not as enjoyable as good old Worms 2, but I thought it was rather alright.

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#3 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

There are so many options for 2D Worms, I think they're trying to do some new stuff, even if it isn't s good. Want old school Worms, you have Worms 2, Armageddon, and World Tour.

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Oh stop whining. You are the reason developers never take chances with anything, because the second they do you get someone bitching about how it sucks because they changed it and they wanted it to be the game they liked again.

I mean, to be fair, the 3D Worms games have always been kind of shitty, but considering it seems like you didn't even give it a chance because it's not 2D Worms, my point stands.

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#5 Posted by MattyFTM (14800 posts) -

They've been doing 3D worms for a while. It isn't proper Worms. But they're still doing 2D Worms games too. It's not like they've totally abandoned the core of the franchise, they're just diversifying and doing different types of Worms games too.

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#6 Posted by 014 (425 posts) -

I thought Worms 4 Mayhem was fun. It wasn't amazing, but it was worth playing a couple times with buddies. The biggest downside was getting it to work properly in LAN play. It wasn't dependable. If this is not glitchy, and is on Steam, and is cheap, I could see myself picking it up. You mentioning that there is a demo is a good sign since I can use that to see if it's glitchy.

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#7 Posted by Gareff (50 posts) -

I think Worm's does a Sonic when it goes 3D!

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#8 Posted by kashif1 (1543 posts) -

so like valkyria chronicles then? That does not sound too bad

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