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It doesn't get much better than this as a party game. Feel the sa

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 Worms cost me $10 on XBLA a couple months ago and I've put in over 200 games already. For me its worth the price. It has been called very bare bones in presentation, but I received what I wanted: Great multiplayer.

It is getting more difficult to find really good party multiplayer games for a single console. This game delivers the easy to pick up, casual playing for a group in a living room, along with good XBL gaming. My only complaint with XBL is drop outs. I wish they could do something about that, like superimpose AI control if a player drops like in UNO.

The game's achievements are pretty easy to get, except for the challenges one. You can get 185 out of the 200 in about 10 hours of gameplay.

I am a casual gamer and what makes this game great is that you can pick up and play it. Different skill levels play differently, but they can all compete. Weaker players will use sheep, bazookas - as you progress, you'll use a lot of jetpacks, shotguns, and grenades (on your face). You have as many weapons as you need. It is just plain fun for everyone.

What could be better? More customization of worms on your team. I hate girder defenses. Different game modes.

The game controls nicely, and is a basic formula. No confusion here. Honestly, I don't know why you wouldn't like this game.    


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