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 A stage one boss in Imperishable Night.  Like other stage one bosses, Wriggle is fairly weak, and is not really connected to the plot of the story. 
She is an insect youkai who has the ability to control other insects.  Although the player in Imperishable Night is able to easily defeat her, a normal human would be easy prey, as Wriggle can command hordes of poisonous bugs.  Unlike other youkai, Wriggle isn't predisposed to attack humans, mostly because humans view fireflies as harmless or even beneficial.
Aside from her antennae and wings, Wriggle appears as a normal humanoid young girl.


  •  Because Wriggle is one of the few Touhou characters to wear pants (as oppsosed to a skirt or dress), there was initially some confusion over whether she was a she or not, although that has since been resolved.
  • Insects were once considered on par with oni and tengu in terms of causing fear in humans, however the status of insects have fallen a great deal.
  • Wriggle is very weak to the cold, and inactive during winter.  Cold and pesticide are the two things Wriggle fears the most.

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