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WTF: Work Time Fun Review 0

WTF: Work Time Fun is a collection of mini-games for the PSP. You'll be completing mini-games for cash which you can turn into collectables, new games, or applications that you can use. You'll also be getting e-mails from "friends" from time to time, or an e-mail describing the item that you might have just picked up.Graphically this game reminds me of a slightly better looking Wario Wares game. You're going to see your 8-bit graphics in some games and sprites in other games. The first time you ...

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The game hates you, like, alot, but all you want to do is love it 0

WTF is a collection of weird and tedious minigames that are hardly any fun, but that's the point!  Did that hook you in? If not, WTF isn't the game for you.   No other info is needed, read the wiki dude.  Work                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Time                                                                             ...

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WTF / Byte Hell Review 0

|| This review was written when the game was only available in Japan ||The internet is often home to many cult crazes that are enthusiastically received by rabid gamers. Trivia Robot, Jonny Moseley, Button Mashing, anything Katamari, and any of Jeff's hairstyles to name but a few. However, this latest one was the first to make me go out and part with my hard earned cash. After seeing some gameplay footage "on the spot", I immediately went to eBay to secure myself a copy of Byte Hell. Being a UK ...

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