are they deleting unlicensed characters ?

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during this years quicklook it was noted that kurt angle was number 1 in the top superstars bar and a mate of mine said he downloaded and was using sting in sVr 2011. are they deleting these people as there found or could have a fire pro wrestling style roster if i so desired ?

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They haven't done so int he last few years, So I would doubt they would do it now.

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No, they don't delete them.

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They don't delete them, but good luck trying to get online to download them. The WWE 12 servers are boned.

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Yeah, no deletions. Kurt Angle is still number 1 in the "What's Hot" Community Creations bar thingy (Whenever it decides to load for me.)

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Has someone made a zombie Chris Benoit yet?

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@sofacitysweetheart said:

Has someone made a zombie Chris Benoit yet?


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@sofacitysweetheart said:

Has someone made a zombie Chris Benoit yet?

I downloaded a story in one of them that someone stole cookies and everyone blamed zombie Benoit but it turned out Jim Ross did it and you end up in a ladder match for cookies

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