Commentating when the commentators are in the ring.

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I wasn't sure how I felt about this at first, and usually I think it's pretty lame when you have the commentators wrestling in the ring, but also talking, but Yukes handled it pretty great. Was playing the Royal Rumble and some of the things said were. 
*Cole gets eliminated* "WHAT? There must be some kind of glitch in this game" 
*Cole gets F5ed by Brock Lesnar* That's cheating! Cole wasn't ready!" 
When King is in the ring Cole said. 
 "I don't know why you gotta be in the spotlight one more time. Now you're invading video games!" 
And if King gets eliminated in the rumble this happened. 
"Cole: Guess what Jerry, YOU LOSE!
Lawler: Why are you yelling I'm sitting right next to you. "
and another random one. 
"Cole- I caught up with Cole earlier today..
Jerry- You interviewed yourself?
Cole- Look, as a journalist I never chased down the easy assignments. Anyways, as I was saying I talked to Cole and I got this kind and thoughtful impression from him." 
I wasn't sure how they would actually handle the commentary now that the commentators are playable, but I think this is possibly the best way they could've handled it without removing the commentary completely when they are in the ring.

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i think you've just sold me on this DLC XD

anything interesting when booker T or good ol JR is in the ring?

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That sounds pretty amazing.

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The commentary in the game is pretty dreadful, but I must admit I half chuckled when I first heard this.

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