Does anyone else see Patrick and Vinny in the crowd for WWE 12?

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I swear, I am seeing Vinny and Patrick in the crowd. I heard they usually do this with video game writers bu still if tha them, that pretty cool i wish I could put up a pic but I can't seem to get a good picture. On youtube they have some game play vids up, try to look at a vid from the raw arena and look in the front row for a dude with an afro and a bright jacket. I swear he looks a lot like Patrick lol

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For an iteration of Smackdown a few years back, THQ/Yukes invited the press to come see the game and i BELIEVE they offered to scan the faces of some press people to put in the crowd. I am 90% sure Vinny was one of those people who had their face scanned.

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Yeah Vinny was totally in there a couple years back after THQ invited the press. I took this photo a while back. I'm hoping he's still there this year.

Though i haven't ever noticed Patrick...Actually last year i noticed the Vinny texture was slightly lower res. That simply wont do.

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