Things that bug me in wwe 12

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I like wwe 12 for some reason but that still doesn't change the fact that this game is seriously weird. Here are some of the things that bug me please add any things you have noticed!!

1. The fact that literally years have gone by in my road to wrestlemania yet the logo still shows 2011.

2. Seeing as that little wwe sign comes up at the end of every fight does this mean that my characters matches are the last match eery time even when they state openly that this is the first match of the evening?

3. Why no matter what town, city, small Tibetan village the weeks show happens to be hosted in all of the backstage is the same. They could have at least had a few its not as if the areas are massive.

4. Why does everything need to take place to the right of the vending machine!!!

5. Disappearing steel cages, custom mats , ref's, and god knows what else in the cut scenes

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