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THQ "No-Sells" our expectations. 0

If the words heel, babyface, angle, shoot, squash, heat, bump, sell, job, over, promo, workrate, and worker mean anything to you, then WWE ’12 is potentially the fan service you’ve been waiting for from the yearly mediocrity formerly known as Smackdown VS Raw. However, while this reboot finally accomplishes the feel of a WWE broadcast, with all the theatrics, sharp camera cuts, and kayfabe drama of a match, you can’t help but notice just how poorly conceived the surrounding modes and systems are...

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Cult of Personality: WWE '12 Review 0

If you’re a fan of wrestling games, there’s a good chance you have very strong opinions. There are very few genes in gaming that inspire such slavish devotion to one franchise as wrestling games do. If you thought the war of words between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 was a bloodbath, you haven’t been caught in the middle of a NeoGaf debate between Fire Pro Returns and Virtua Pro Wrestling 2. Fortunately, for the not crazy people out there, you don;t really need to know all that much to enj...

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Better Than Last Year 0

I actually sort of like the WWE titles. They have issues, to be sure, and clipping seems endemic, the series has never been actively bad. Not great, to be sure --- but never bad. Last year's had a bunch of issues, such as the absolutely pointless backstage portions. This game eliminates those, but has the problem of making a lot of matches utterly pointless. This is not an improvement.You have extremely long storylines (they seem almost never-ending) and while most of them are fairly dull, they ...

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