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First things first. Paul Heyman wrote 200+ new universe storylines, plus helped with the attitude era mode.

"Gamers will now not only be able to control what types of stories can play a role in their simulation - turning off injuries or narratives that break up tag teams - but program their shows for any day of the week, or delete shows entirely. Each recurring show can have its own superstar roster, belts, arenas, match-up screens and more adjusted. There’s less emphasis on conforming to what the WWE does now, and more thought towards allowing gamers to do anything they would want. But if a player’s modifications eventually get a bit cumbersome or confusing, Universe Mode now has the option of being completely reset."

They've also added detailed statistics to universe mode, tracking of title holders, and historical statistics and such.

Now another thing about the online, they've added a "fair fight" option which makes everybodies stats the same in the online match.

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@CL60: Holy shit. The "fair fight" thing instantly has me excited to possibly play this online. Dumb kids with their OVR 99 goth CAWS kicking your ass was the worst part of online. I don't think I've had a worse online experience than WWE games. But the more I hear the more excited I am about possibly just universe mode. I've wanted Big Bossman in a WWE game for awhile now. Very tempted.... to get this.

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Lol oh dear I see CL60 is still brainwashed by this franchise (obvious joke!), I hope you enjoy it :). The Heyman storylines is a nice gimmick to throw in there but I doubt it'll amount to much in the long-run and it'll be the same, old, tired game that gets old in a month tops.

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Yawn, smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact when it comes to the gameplay, you're wrestling with the same, boring and repetitive mechanics.

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That's subjective.

Multiplayer is very fun and playing on Legend mode can be intense.

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@Daryl: thats why i dont buy these games every year.the last one i picked up i think was 09 or maybe 10. ill get wwe 13 and then skip the rest till probly wwe 16 or wwe 17.

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@WMoyer83: *slow clap*

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The hype cycle has hit its peak. Can't wait until people start bitching about the game next week.

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