The one thing that would completely sell you on buying this game

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#51 Posted by noby_guy (102 posts) -

@Sparky_Buzzsaw said:

Stable servers. Seriously, that shit went down every other time I went to look for a match or a bit of created content.

Secondary to that, they need a massive update to the roster - stop recycling the same wrestlers and animations from the last ten years of Smackdown games already. I realize the CAW feature allows for the creation of practically anybody, but recyled animations and warmed-over taunts make it hard to really create unique feeling wrestlers. A more refined Universe mode is an absolute must, with the ability to make sure favorite wrestlers and/or feuds can be created and added with more regularity.

The CAW system is pretty okay, but a larger cap on the number of items that can be used or implemented would be a great thing. We probably won't see that until the next generation of consoles, but a fella can dream. Other than that, there are the usual suspects - make the crowd look better, less weird clipping, overhauled and simpler controls, and less goddamn HHH.

Yea, less Triple H.

#52 Posted by TheHBK (5657 posts) -

I needs to have the simple control system from the old THQ games. WWF No Mercy and WrestleMania 2000. Press a for grapple them move and tap a button to do a move. No more right stick crap. Just make it fun.

#53 Posted by rand0mZer00 (329 posts) -

@TheHBK: I completely agree with you. They need to either adapt to that style of gameplay or just stick with one for more than 2 years. They seem to change it all up one year, then modify it the next, and then completely change it up again the next. If something works, stick with it. Tweak it here and there but don't throw it all away and make people adapt to it again.

I would like to see an online Universe mode where people get to pick their favorite superstar and go through years of programming with other users making up the rest of the roster. Maybe have one user just be a GM and he decides who feuds, makes up the card, etc.

#54 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (580 posts) -

Voice talent and mo-cap from almost every WWE wrestler alive right now.

#55 Posted by BaneFireLord (3078 posts) -

It being entitled "Fallout 4" and not having anything to do with wrestling.

#56 Posted by Ragnar (108 posts) -

@Redbullet685 said:

If instead of it being WWE 13, it was WWF No Mercy.


#57 Posted by Daryl (1776 posts) -

@CL60 said:

From WWE 12, and what they've announced for WWE 13, they seem to be going in the right direction.


#58 Posted by fisher81 (573 posts) -

@Daryl said:

@CL60 said:

From WWE 12, and what they've announced for WWE 13, they seem to be going in the right direction.


lol'd hard.

#59 Posted by advocatefish (370 posts) -

I would like the developers to take a year off and take there time to make something better.

Also no button to run out of the ring? What the fuck.

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