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So I've been playing the game since the release. Went through the Attitude Era first, unlocked the 2 extra story packs, and started on Universe Mode. Based on commercials and previews, I was assuming there would be plenty of cutscenes during Universe Mode. As of today I still have yet to witness any real cutscene or branching story.

Universe mode plays out like a regular exhibition matches for me. No story no build up and no context.... Occasional attack from behind before a match starts or maybe a beat down after a victory but even those cutscenes (if you can even call them that) only happen occasionally.

I've tried searching other forums around the web. Some other people seem to have the same issue but then there are others saying they have plenty of cutscenes. I've tried several suggested things such as resetting universe mode, turning off story mode saving and then turning it back on...I don't even edit the match card anymore because I was thinking that all the tweaks I would do would mess up with the story lines... all of these things seem trivial. Perhaps it has something to do with balancing the roster?

At this point though, I just want it to work and I'm willing to do whatever dumb steps just to get some story in my game.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?

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There is a glitch where you won't get cutscenes. To fix it, you will want to (unfortunately) reset your Universe mode, and in the Universe settings, turn OFF story cutscenes - save - and then turn them back on and save once more.

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ive heard the resetting thing. havnt tried it myself but i might do it after wrestlemania. another thing ive heard is that ALOT of the storylines are wrestler specific. so unless you have the rock in your universe and unless he also happens to be feuding with stone cold,then you wont see alot of the stuff.

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@NateDogg: listen to this guy

@allworkandlowpay said:

There is a glitch where you won't get cutscenes. To fix it, you will want to (unfortunately) reset your Universe mode, and in the Universe settings, turn OFF story cutscenes - save - and then turn them back on and save once more.

However, there is also a pretty big thing to realize when playing Universe: feuds only begin the show immediately following a pay per view. If you rearrange cards and rebook matches, the feuds will cancel themselves out and Universe will try to book feuds based around the matches you booked. However, if you keep rebooking matches, well, you're just never going to get feuds. You need to let stuff play out, is my point.

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I've tried turning the settings off for universe mode and turning back on. Nothing happens. I've also tried resetting the Universe at least 3 times and RE jigging the rosters to my liking as the default rosters and whacked. Why does RAW have so many superstars and SD has so much less.

It seems like stuff is happening in my universe but I don't get context.

Example: Edge was the WWE Champion, all of a sudden he was not appearing on PPV or regular shows. Then I realized he was injured but I was given no context in the game. No story lines happened that showed an injury or an attack.

I read somewhere else that you HAVE to incorporate Attitude Era superstars to the regular Raw and Smackdown shows in order for cut scenes/branching story lines to occur. If that's the case I probably am just going to stop there because I like to keep my Universe somewhat believable as I have Divided the shows and rosters into Current day and Attitude Era.

Anyways... This whole experience in Universe mode has made me feel like I'm just playing exhibition mode and the only entertainment I'm getting is imagining in my head what story lines are occuring.

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