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Still Improving 0

I didn't hate the old SD v RAW series, but to ignore that some changes were needed would be to ignore reality. WWE 12 was a solid first attempt at revamping the series and WWE 13 further improves the overall plan.WWE 13 is carried, largely, by its storyline. It covers the Attitude history, from the creation of D-X before Survivor Series 1997 thru WrestleMania XV. OK, a further storyline you unlock goes a bit longer, but has no actual core storyline, so it doesn't really count, does it? You have ...

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Time to Play the Game 0

Originally posted on www.knowngriefers.comCan you smell it, brother?! Chris is back with another wrestling review, this time for WWE '13.Last year, the WWE series underwent a significant overhaul. What was formerly the SmackDown! Series, dating all the way back to the PSone, was rebranded as WWE ’12. Along with the name change, fairly major changes were also made to the gameplay systems and overall presentation. While WWE ’12 was certainly a step in the right direction, it still suffered from so...

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"Best in the world?" Not quite, but it's getting there. 0

WWE '13 is a good example of ambition getting in the way of the basics. That isn't really a bad thing or a good thing, it's just kind of "a thing."The heavily-hyped Attitude Era mode is sure to satisfy fans from back when wrestling was hot in the late 90's. The overall attention to detail for fans of WWE & WWF history is shockingly impressive, and the highest it has ever been in a WWE game. Remember how Steve Austin 's theme was slightly (almost unnoticably) remixed in 1998? Both themes are ...

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