Sequel Idea: WWE All Stars 2: Raw vs. Nitro

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I havn't played a ton of this game but it seems interesting and fun. Especially with a bunch of the classic wrestlers. It got me thinking how they could do a sequel then it hit me watching a documentary on Netflix about the Rise and Fall of WCW. Instead of them reaching back and going for WWE Legends, go back and make a "retro" 90's game with the best wrestlers from WWF vs. WCW. This was really the height of wrestling and would be awesome to see them translate that era into a videogame. I am sure WWE can get enough of a roster to make this happen. They can still have current WWE wrestlers in it but it can let you play out some classic feuds and dream matches between the two federations. Doing an ECW DLC pack could be pretty cool too. Here is a jist of the rosters on both sides excluding current wrestlers.


Stone Cold Steve Austin 
The Rock 
Triple H 
Shawn Micheals 
Vince MacMahon 
Matt Hardy 
Jeff Hardy 

WCW Nitro 

Hollywood Hulk Hogan 
Kevin Nash 
Scott Hall 
Diamond Dallas Paige 
Chris Jericho 
Eddie Guerrero 
Booker T 
The Giant 
Ric Flair 
Randy Savage 
Rey Mysterio, Jr. 
Dean Malenko 
Lex Lugar
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I'd play it.

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