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Would of been 5 stars if....

The Create a Wrestler mode was better.....this game is great for Nostalgic wrestling fans and fighting game lovers as well. The Create a Wrestler in Legends of Wrestle Mania was better, but thats because it was the same system used by the current SD vs RAW team, this game is made by former Midway and Acclaim wrestling game makers.  While this is good in move animation and cut scene animation, it blows for stiff action figure style wrestling....reminds me of when LJN, one of WWE's older action figure manufacturers, and considering both THQ and WWE dropped Jakks-Pacific like a bad habit, and now have Mattel making action figures only since beginning of last year, so they don't have a long line of great looking action figures like Jakks-Pacific did, but Mattel will only get better....As for THQ San Diego(formerly a Midway office, bought by THQ) This is only the second game and they improved on what they messed up with on TNA iMPACT for PS3/XBOX360, but they don't have the 10+ years of making a wrestling franchise like THQ & Yukes have had with working on Smack Down games since PS1/X, so if you don't like certain things about the game, then let THQ San Diego know, they even have a podcast now, and forums etc. Complainers/Haters do nothing but bitch and moan, and never talk to the source or email the game company about what they liked and what they hated, they just troll the forums. 
Back to the game, its got a roster of 30 wrestlers, and their is already DLC announced and coming with: 
Big Bossman 
Chris Jericho 
Jerry "the King" Lawler 
Michael P.S. Hayes 
Mark Henry 
The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase 
Ted Dibiase (JR) 
Dusty Rhodes 
Cody Rhodes 
and for free: 
Honky Tonk Man!      
I would like to see Demolition, or the Free Birds or some other classic teams to combat LOD and Degenration X, but WWE doesn't own the rights to Demolition, so that wouldn't be possible :(...but Free Birds, Von Erichs, 4 Hoursemen, natural disasters, nasty boys, overall game would be better with more tag teams, but this being the studios first attempt and making a non-sim WWE game, and only their second wrestling game for PS3/Xbox 360, they can only get better, hopefully they make this every other year and maybe make smackdown vs raw every other year, so maybe SD vs RAW series wouldn't feel so stale every year..... 
I Give this 4.5 stars out of 5 
Graphics and framerate are awesome, movesets are pretty awesome, but limited if you wanna make a CAW, online runs good and if anything the way it runs online is more at a mellow pace, like a sd vs raw game.  Roster is Awesome, but again can't believe Divas, or Miss Elizabeth wasn't in this, and why is Paul Bearer only in awesome cut scenes? Managers and Greatest Divas of all time, like Sunny, Miss Elizabeth, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Lita, and older legend divas like Ivory, Moolah and Mae Young and Miss Elizabeth and Sensational Sherri, a roster the size of smackdown games are usually 60ish, this only has 30+DLC coming so good effort but, can't wait for the next iteration of the "WWE Legends" series....peace and take care!
PSN ID: curtman2k20 
Twitter: @curtman2k9

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Posted by MysteriousBob

What the hell is 'half a star' anyway?

Posted by CurtMan2k7
@MysteriousBob: i don't make the rules lol.....would be 9 out of 10
Posted by Agent47
@CurtMan2k7: Couldn't agree more the no custom move set kept me from giving it anything higher as well.Though maybe an ALL STARS 2 will fix it?
Posted by Sammo21

I found the hit detection to be pretty abysmal as was the ability to grief with very specific characters.

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