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WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Review 0

Releasing just in time for the Wrestlemania 25, THQ’s latest wrestling outing attempts something different this time, shedding the realistic and modern focus of the “Smackdown” series in order to pay homage to the classic wrestling of the WWF era.  Emphasizing arcade style gameplay and graphics, the game makers are hoping to bring back fans who may not have played wrestling games since the days of “WWF Wrestlefest” and similar titles.  After spending a good deal of time with the title, completi...

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Average at best, Brother 0

  Title: Legends of Wrestlemania Release: March 24, 2009 Genre: Wrestling Developer: YUKE’s Future Media Creators Publisher: THQ Platform: Xbox 360 Rating: T (Teen) Product Link: Website: Source Link: Wrestlemania used to be one of the most electrifying spectacles of sports entertainment. Over th...

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Legends of Wrestlemania is a shallow trip down memory lane 0

   BROTHER! I love pro wrestling. Well, let's back up a bit. I loved pro wrestling. The World Wrestling Federation was just as much a part of my childhood as The Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mario. Perhaps my earliest wrestling memory is watching Hulk Hogan eliminate Earthquake from the 1991 Royal Rumble match. But it wasn’t until Wrestlemania XII, where “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels defeated Bret “Hit Man” Hart in the first-ever Iron Man Match, that I was truly hooked...

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A fun trip to the past but not the grand slam most had hoped for 0

I was very excited when news broke out about WWE Legends of Wrestlemania. When the trailer hit TV showing Ultimate Warrior running to the ring rocking bodies and Bret Hart locking in the Sharpshooter, I was sold! As a die hard wrestling fan, this sounded like the dream everyone had hoped for. How does WWE Legends of Wrestlemania fare in the end?  Legends is a fun game but it does have its flaws. Yuke's tried to keep the old school wrestling fans in mind when they were designing this game. It is...

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Legends of Wrestlemehnia 0

Legends of Wrestlemania is in a word, silly. Yokozuna vs. Andre the Giant in a Ladder Match is silly. Koko B. Ware winning the Royal Rumble is silly. The Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man in Hell in a Ce...  Nevermind, you get where I'm going.     Beyond the silliness, the most important aspect of a Wrestling game for your average gamer almost has to be the Gameplay. At first, the Gameplay seems like a breath of fresh air and pretty fun. Unfortunately, whatever positive vibes you may have had at first...

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sucks 2

this game is terriable on the ps3 and 360 why make suh a easy game which has such suckish gamew modes that waste your time for no reason at all because people dont want the controls to be changed for th smackdown vs raw series but in this game the changed it big time by making it the worst game ever in my thought this game sucks and it is not worth it....

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The Zahorian trial and you. 0

In the early 90s, the then-WWF was caught amidst a major drug scandal, wherein Vince Mcmahon was accused of giving his performers anabolic steroids. The federal government managed to crash down on one Dr. Zahorian for his prescribing drugs to assorted wrestlers and put him in jail. However, some legal mistakes on the government’s behalf and a claim from Hulk Hogan that he enhanced himself on his own volition allowed Vince Mcmahon to walk away from court a free man. A free man with a company rava...

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History Repeats Itself 0

Cross-posted with my site Much like opera, I like professional wrestling in an abstract and nostalgic way more than up close and in person. I used to go to opera a lot actually. I used to watch wrestling every week too. Now I mostly play video games it seems. And while I like an occasional aria, I love the fact that opera's out there and appreciate its rich cultural heritage. I don't think I would actually like watching wrestling any more – Ultimate Fighting has stolen it's plac...

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A Trip Down Memory Lane 0

Having played pretty much every wrestling game since WCW vs NWO World Tour on the N64 I once again set out on the road to championship gold in this latest installment from THQ.  I already have Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and have played that game to death and first off I am glad that THQ did not just put out the same game again but has revamped the engine and put out what is in my opinion a great wrestling game and one that evokes many a happy memory of the bygone era of professional wrestling.  First...

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WWE Legends of WrestleMania Review 0

"Dun dun dun dun duhduhduhduuuuuuuuhhh! When it comes crashing down and it hurts insiiiide"! Who can forget sitting at home watching some old school classic wrestling. 3 different colours for the ropes, a wrestlers persona could pass off as him being a barber and wrestling was a different kind of technical. I have very fond memories of those days and can clearly remember watching for hours with my brother, playing with the figures and of course wrestling with him. The next time i really reg...

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A Bit Too Easy 0

 Multiple WWE titles in a single year tends to concern me. I get unpleasant Crush Hour flashbacks and, man, NOBODY wants that.THQ decided to go for a slightly different path than they have taken for the venerable SD v RAW series. LoW is certainly more arcade-y in feel and, honestly, are "baby" easy. Easily the easiest wrestling game I've ever played. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it is hard to ignore that you can pretty easily win a match against ANYBODY in less than 2 minutes. I like ...

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Nostalgia can't save this stripped down wrestling title. 0

Pros * Video content before the matches is interesting to watch and probably holds a good deal of nostalgia value for you folk who know your classic wrestling. * The ability to import the Smackdown vs Raw 09 roster is neat.Cons * It's simplified, but I think the folk playing this are probably the folk playing the more complicated Smackdown v Raw games so to most, as it does to me - it'll probably feel extremely stripped down. * Character models are grossly exaggerated. If the game had a wack...

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A blast from the past! 0

Ah, the WWF; I have some fond memories of the World Wrestling Federation, back in the day before that panda got involved and it was re-branded the WWE. Back when lunchtime at school consisted of holding wrestling tournaments and upsetting the teachers. Back before the majority of us grew out of watching sweaty men in leotards fight each other for a ‘golden’ belt and The Rock jumped over to the world of film and the subsequent release of a not-so-great Doom movie. Yep, those were the good old day...

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Hulkamania runs short of 'wild' 0

  Ever want to see a rematch between Hulk and Andre? Or maybe you want Austin Vs Rock one more time? Or how about a repeat of The Undertaker's wrestlemania debut against Jimmy Snuka? Well now you can...if by 'see' what you really mean is 'play simulations of' which, for the benefit of this review, lets just say you did. Im a wrestling fan...there i said it!And like many wrestling fans i can quite happily watch the product, bitch about it, and continue to watch it!...because that makes perfect ...

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Needs more buttons. 0

There are a lot of great things going for Legends of Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, the game play isn’t one of them. Let’s start off with the good. The concept for this game is great and the presentation is top notch. This game is a wrestling fan’s dream minus Macho Man. The game has friggin’ Honky Tonk Man which alone justifies at least one star. All the wrestlers look pretty close to the way you remember them. The old footage they show during the game is awesome. Everything is great until you ac...

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WWE Legends of WrestleMania 1

From the creators that brought you the Smackdown vs Raw series, legends of Wrestlemania is a simplified brutal adventure down memory lane. Gone are the complicated control schemes, they have been replaced with a fairly simple yet clunky controls.Legends of Wrestlemania allows to to relive many of Wrestlemanias big fights over the last 25 years. From Bundy vs Hogan to Honky Tonk Man vs Brutus the Barber Beefcake, all the big fights are there. You can either relive, re-create history of those big ...

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