jellyfish_gsus's WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (Xbox 360) review

Climbing the ladder of Success

The THQ developed Smackdown games may be considered by many distinctly average and the same old shit recycled every year. Well since WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 came out they have been right until now.

This year’s game features the following:

  • Over 70 Superstars
  • A ton of match types
  • A match creator
  • Brand new Havok physics engine
  • WWE Universe mode
  • 5 Road to Wrestlemania stories
  • Improved online
  • 12 man online Royal Rumble
  • Community creations

What surprised me the most in this game was the new physics engine. The tables, ladders and chairs now react more realistically to the way the player interacts with them. Objects can now be lent up against anything in the arena now; this is particularly fun when you want to create some great spots e.g. While I was playing a TLC triple threat match online I lend two tables against and across the steel steps at the side of the ring. Just when I am about to slam my opponent through my diabolical structure, my move gets reversed into a suplex and I go through two tables and land on some steel steps. Another cool feature is instead of the destruction disappearing into thin air like nothing happened; shards of wood would now lie at the scene of the crime. 

 Oh Crap! "Catch Me"

The WWE Universe mode makes the game have more of a purpose. Unlike previous games exhibition matches would only be there for fun. Now however they will have huge impacts on the overall game. Rivalries and friendships can start at the blink of an eye. Tag teams will be formed and disbanded, Titles will exchange hands but only after you have fought you way to the number 1 contender spot. Wrestlers can and will interrupt you entrances or match's; this can cause a chain reaction either people coming out to save your ass or laying the smackdown on you. Of course this mode can be turned off but I see no benefit from doing so.

My favorite part of WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 is the online; whether it is in the shape of a 12 man Royal Rumble or a closely fought one on one. These matches are made far more entertaining due to the extremely talented creators in the community. Where else would you get to see a match between Duke Nukem, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan and Batman? Any one that you can think of can probably be found and download through the search bar. 

   Duke  is waiting for you online 

Of course the game has problems like in previous titles with the sometimes completely stupid AI, the automatic targeting system can be a pain as you will often hit the wrong person and the physics engine has the occasional WTF! just happened there moment. But all being said it is on the right road to truly becoming a great wrestling franchise once more; and that the bottom line!!!!......sorry couldn’t resist.

Posted by TimothyWessel

Yeah, love it.. I'm uploading some shots of my created characters to the images of this game.
Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, and Vinnie Jones!

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