Take-Two Interactive Officially Takes Over WWE License

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#51 Posted by Branthog (5583 posts) -

@president_barackbar said:



I'll say it until I'm blue in the face. Take the frame work of a Strategy RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics and throw the WWE licence on it. THINK IT ABOUT IT MAN. You could really blow out and exaggerate everyone's persona's give them all sorts of wild abilities and shit. I will continue my useless one man petition for this until the end of time.

That is one of the dumbest fucking ideas I have ever heard in my entire life. Which is precisely why it needs to happen as soon as possible.

Yer damn tootin'! I would just like to see some WWE themed games that don't always have to be a wrestling sim. As much as I do really enjoy the technical aspects of pro wrestling they've got all these fun characters that you could use to do some really wild shit.

I'm thinking more like that Blood Bowl turn-based fantasy football-ish game. Is that what we're talking about? I have heard far dumber ideas. I think it would be far more interesting than a real-time crappy-looking game with two guys groping each other with extreme clipping and poor looking models. By the nature of the game's art-style, you'd be able to get away with a hell of a lot.

Your idea is one of those "wait, why hasn't that already been done?!" types of ideas.

#52 Posted by KaneRobot (1707 posts) -

@insanetj said:

Hopefully they can breath some fresh air into this series.

That is pretty much guaranteed to be the last thing to happen since they are keeping Yuke's.

Fuck Yuke's, fuck AKI, fuck whoever is has Fire Pro (Spike, still?). Give it to a NEW developer so we can try to get something we haven't seen before. I'm more than willing to excuse a "rebuilding" year if it means we finally get something interesting the next time around.

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Shame that Yuke's is being kept on as the developer, meaning that issue of the games not being fun won't get fixed any time soon. But hey, Vince has gotta earn back that $100 million in failed campaign funding somehow.

#54 Posted by CZYjoeDAVOLA (9 posts) -

is it just me or is giantbomb always 2-3 days behind the news cycle and even then they only cover the stuff they want to cover. They should just stop doing news and focus on opinion.

#55 Posted by crusader8463 (14425 posts) -

Not that I want people to lose their jobs or anything, but I wish they would hire on a new staff of folks to work on these games. Would love to see a new take on the series. Whatever they do I hope it stops being an annual game and goes bi annual at least.

Would love to see a wrestling RPG.

#56 Posted by Voysa_Reezun (89 posts) -

Yukes is not a good developer at this point. These games really do feel just like they did back when the series started on the PSOne. They look terrible, too. It's insane that a(n otherwise broken game) like Wrestlemania 21 on the Xbox has superior character models to WWE '13, and the former was a game that came out in late 2004.

I am really hoping that we see 2K go in-house or farm out to a new developer. It's insane to me that AKI/synSophia were the publishers left in the dust by THQ so many years ago.

I do hope, though, that whatever developer gets ahold of these games decides to steal that multi-player season mode from WWE RAW 2. The game itself was garbage, but that mode was so good that my friends and I overlooked the crappy engine.

#57 Posted by farside0013 (1 posts) -

I think Yuke's still has some good games in them, but the annual nature of the series is killing them. '12 and '13 were the first games I've bought consecutively in long time, and aside from the Attitude Era stuff they changed barely anything; Universe is slightly more customizable and a ton of new bugs were introduced, that's about it. I hope they do take this year off, come up with some new features and take the time to actually put it through QA.

#58 Edited by laserbolts (5331 posts) -

Yukes is going to keep doing them? Damn.

#59 Posted by CurtMan2k7 (123 posts) -

over on PWInsiderElite, there report comes from the court hearing, and as long as this deal is finalized Yukes is on the WWE franchise til 2017, so at that point take two could find another developer if they're not satisfied with Yukes anymore. just thought i'd pass that along.

#60 Posted by CaptRocketblaze (175 posts) -

Most unfortunate.

#61 Posted by Meowshi (2911 posts) -

If they aren't getting rid of Yukes, who gives a shit?

Fucking absurd that anyone would be excited about this. Oh well, it's your sixty dollars.

#62 Posted by Meowshi (2911 posts) -

@branthog said:

@agent47 said:

@branthog: Can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not,about the "fake" wrestling thing anyway.Like I don't want to be "that" guy but yea that's a pretty bad term mainly cause you are putting your body at risk everytime and injuries are serious,like any other sport.I guess it gets lost though with all the televised broadcasts and recent softening of the sport.

I'm not being sarcastic about it being fake wrestling. It is fake wrestling. It is also not a sport. The primary element of sport is competition, which isn't choreographed and doesn't have a pre-determined outcome. Ballerinas and stuntmen are very skilled, have great physical prowess, and are subjected to serious injuries. Both are in entertainment; not sports. The same is true of fake wrestling. I also don't call it pro wrestling, because that's not what it is. Pro boxing is boxing, but for money. Pro wrestling is nothing like wrestling in any way imaginable.

Referring to it as fake doesn't deter from the skill and dedication it requires. It's just an acknowledgement of what it actually is. I'm not a fan of it (because a bunch of grown men in costumes performing a soap opera where even during an actual match, they only get around to performing a move every couple of minutes and generally look like a bunch of sweaty sloths crawling around on the ground or stumbling around the ring, as if they forget they're actually fighting another living thing, so they better hurry the fuck up and get to it) -- but I know plenty of people who are and that's fine (though that doesn't stop me from generalizing about wrestling fans, the same way one would Walmart clientele or Twilight fans).

I wrestled for fifteen years (and think that real wrestling is also very stupid) and grew up around a couple "pro" wrestlers who were friends of the family (one, a certain kilt-wearing badass who owned a car shop called "Piper's Pit" in southeast Portland). I don't refer to it as "fake" out of some pompous slight, but out of respect to real wrestlers as well as real athletes in actual sports, in general. If pro boxing was totally fake, I'd refer to it as fake-boxing, too. (Okay, too be fair, pro boxing isn't fake, but there have been a number of cases where it has been orchestrated -- at least with a specific determined outcome for the benefit of promoting one fighter or another, so that's borderline, too!).

This is ridiculous on so many levels, namely in the belief that an amateur wrestler would somehow take this as a sign of respect. No one refers to the combat sport of Olympic/Collegiate wrestling as "professional wrestling", and if you did, they would think you were making fun of them.

Stubbornly refusing to call people who make their living wrestling "professionals", is a slight, whether you mean it to be or not.

Besides, now that the International Olympic Committee has removed wrestling from the games, those amateur wrestlers better start training for MMA. Only way they are going to "professionally" do anything these days.

#63 Posted by AMReese (25 posts) -

@meowshi: To be fair, the sport hasn't yet been removed from the Olympic games. The IOC only recommended that it be. It's up to FILA and others to fight for inclusion for the 2020 games.

#64 Posted by gabha (357 posts) -

The still yukes part bums me.

#65 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7241 posts) -

Saw this coming, it seems like a nice fit. Sort of surprised that Yukes is staying though.

#66 Posted by Voysa_Reezun (89 posts) -

@meowshi said:

Fucking absurd that anyone would be excited about this. Oh well, it's your sixty dollars.

Twenty-five dollars, you mean. I haven't paid full-price for this thing in years. Amazon always price-drops it on Black Friday about three weeks after it comes out.

Of course, you could make the argument that I'm still paying about fifteen dollars too much here. Which, now that I think about it, would be a pretty easily-made argument and is kind of depressing.

#69 Posted by YukoAsho (2079 posts) -

It's too bad they're keeping Yuke's, but I suspect it's more because of the yearly schedule than anything else that WWE games tend to be crap. They need to go to a two-year cycle, if not a three-year cycle.

#70 Posted by xhunterpaul (67 posts) -

I wish they would make a game more like No Mercy or Wrestle Mania 2000.

#71 Posted by DaMisterChief (628 posts) -

Get some rockstar writers

#72 Edited by WMoyer83 (647 posts) -

As long as "creative rabbi/bullshit artist" Cory Ledesma is far away from the game it will be better off.

#73 Edited by Andorski (5345 posts) -

Just make a WWE AllStars sequel and all will be well.

#74 Posted by shodan2020 (683 posts) -

Man, I remember way back in the day when Yuke's did Evil Zone for the PS1. That game is super hard to go back to now, but it was a ton of fun back then. It would be nice to see them do something other than wrestling titles for a bit.

#75 Posted by GS_GBcha0sgam3r (29 posts) -

why AKI is "number 1" Yuke's is Number 1 damnit!

#76 Edited by sopachuco13 (392 posts) -

I haven't played a wrestling game since the PSX. Are the Yuke's games well made? Do they enjoyed only byfans, or are they enjoyed as good games?

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