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X-23 is a Marvel Comics character, a mutant and a clone of Wolverine. She shares his mutant abilities and has two Adamantium claws in each of her hands and one in each foot. She escaped "The Facility" before it could be grafted to the rest of her skeleton. Like Harley Quinn of DC Comics before her, X-23 was created in a cartoon (X-Men Evolution), later to be used in Marvel comics after proving popular. 
She was raised as a killing machine from birth by "The Facility" and after joining the X-Men had difficulty fitting in with fellow mutants of her age group. She spent time as a X-Force member, killing threats to mutant kind under the orders of Cyclops. Eventually she decided to leave completely, not wanting to be a killer for Cyclops' X-Force nor a normal teenager with the X-Men to make him "feel better," despite having parental figures in Wolverine (who at one point wanted to adopt her) and Storm and a friendship with fellow X-Men member Hellion (Julian Keller).

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