So the next XCOM is going to be FPS.

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Sounds like they're pretty much turning it into Bioshock. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it isn't how I wanted my favorite old PC game to be revived.
Oh well, at least I still have Valkyria Chronicles. A more open-ended version of that game with UFOs is pretty much exactly what I would want a new X-Com game to be.

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Seriously? Valkyria Chronicles?
Your sure your an X-COM fan? Perhaps Syndicate could be made in to a nice FF type game with giant miniguns under massive trenchcoats but when you really look at them they're acutally giant miniguns with corpses attached to every barrel.
As for making it an FPS, just add some X-COM exploration and research to  Republic Commando and you'll have it. Oh yeah, some resource management , territory control and space combat for the non-fps parts and squad dependant goals on missions.. The thing with X-COM is there's a massive timeline to shove any type of game in unless it's pretty damn bad or worse (enforcer) . Mostly they'd probably be better just getting all the X-COM games and melting them in to one, super long game with civ elements mixed in. Manage the world, fight the bugs, win, some peace happens now, mange the world a bit, ohnoes! aliens!, fight... but wait! a twist! fight more, manage the solar system as humanity expands with alien tech. Kill the ancient alien under the seas. Manage the solar system and start expanding to other stars and encounter the alien civ. Interceptor happens but differently. The next part is after we have control fo the fronter regions and expand in to them, the juggernaut that is the alien menace responds and the shit hits the fan in the way that can only be described as "You've only got a pistol and you've just opened a door with a lobsterman behind it"
I have a feeling people will say, "OMG bioshock two with an X-COM twist!" but what we'll end up with is "OMG bioshock two with a Mass Effect 2 twist! and some nice X-COM sprinkles"
The real thing with x-com is atmosphere, if you can't make it right, make it OH FUCK! PATRICK STEWART JUST DIED! Then it's not an X-COM game. And if you can't make a patrick stewert style story from a game
Of course the new x-com game could just be screwed - "something 2K Australia - which hadn't led development on a project since 2004's Tribes Vengeance, when it was known as irrational"

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