Steam Sale Today

#1 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

So after hearing about all this X-Com news I thought about trying to track down these games either through eBay, GOG, or in my creepy uncle's attic. But when I hopped on Steam I spied a much more appealing option. X-Com Franchise sale, buy them all for 5 bucks. I have never played these games before and I am curious as to their actual quality, or if some of this hype/outrage over a new game may be due to some nostalgia, I am hoping that is not the case. But for all you fans out there who want to play it again, or others such as myself who have never experienced it 5 dollars is a pretty good deal!

#2 Posted by StingerMK2 (398 posts) -

haha, typical. I bought the complete pack about a week ago, dont really mind though, its EASILY worth the £5 i paid,

I didnt realise at the time, but i must have payed for it whilst it was on 50% discount over xmas, because its listed as being £9, id go as far to say it was worth that much too

#3 Posted by OldElfin (26 posts) -

I was trying to figure out if I should buy it or not, but for that price, and then reading about the new one, I may have to do it.

#4 Posted by BisonHero (8027 posts) -

The rule I've come up with when it comes to buying games more than 5 years old is that it's probably never worth it to buy the pack. If the series is particularly lucky, I might find the time to play the first game through, and that's about it. Anybody else find they've adopted this strategy with Steam deals?

So for example: the X-COM series. People seem to think quite highly of the first 2 games, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone even mention the other three later games in the pack. Also, the internet seems to think that Terror From the Deep is even more difficult than the first game, which is saying something, given how commonly I've heard people describe the first game as unforgiving and inscrutable.

It's hard enough keeping up with the interesting games coming out each year now. The likelihood of me having the time or interest to play through all 5 games in the pack might as well be zero. So I'll save myself the $3 and the further bloating of my list of Steam games, and just pick up X-COM: UFO Defense.

#5 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12573 posts) -

Really, buying the whole pack is for suckers. The only game you need in that pack is UFO Defense, as Terror From the Deep is merely a harder reskin of that, and Apocalypse has it's own share of quirks and problems. From what I understand, Interceptor is a mediocre space combat game and Enforcer isn't worth mentioning at all. The first game is still the best, and while TFTD and Apoc have their fans, anyone who is only casually interested should only pick up the first one and see what happens from there.

Other than that though, I totally bought another copy of UFO Defense for 's giveaway. It was like $1.25! That's less than I pay for a drink!

#6 Posted by david3cm (677 posts) -

Yeah, the other games may not be as fun but I'm on a quest to own all games, and through arbitrary Steam sales I will be able to do that for one third of the cost. I can't wait for their Arbour Day Mega Sales, it's going to be bananas!


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