Which X-Com should I buy?

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So with this new FPS coming out and it not being anything like the actual X-Com games I want to play one of the originals. They are all 5 bucks on Steam, but I only want to get the best one. So since I know nothing about X-Com, which is the "best" one and which should I get?

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Personally I'd go for the original one (the very first one.) It feels archaic now but it's still a great game.

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UFO Defense is the game that people think of when you say 'X-com'. That's probably the best place to start.

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@eroticfishcake:  Umm, which one is that? UFO Defense?
NVM it seems it is.
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The first one and Terror From The Deep are the best ones. The ones after those are fun but haven't got the same 'Oomph' as the first two had on me. Ofcourse, I was around when they first got released so I don't know how well they've aged for someone that's completely new to them. 
So I say get both and not just one of them.

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lol, I don't even know if I'd like any of them.
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@Daveyo520: I'd suggest you start off with original for now. Terror From the Deep is pretty much the same except it's got a different theme and it's harder (as if the original wasn't hard enough.) At this stage it's hard to get into because it just feels so clunky. For a first timer, it's also overwhelming. But if you take the time to get used to the controls and gameplay it becomes incredibly rewarding. Not to mention that the game has got a great atmosphere.
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UFO Defence would be my choice.

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@eroticfishcake:  Ya, I probably missed my window on these games sadly. But I will still give it a try, it couldn't hurt. I went back and played the old Fallouts years after their prime and didn't mind them, maybe it will be the same for these.
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From what I understand, the only two worth playing are UFO defense and Terror from the Deep.

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I think it has been decided that I will get UFO Defense.

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@Daveyo520:  Well if you can tolerate Fallout at this stage then I guess it should be easier for you to get into X-Com. Just a little more though. Fallout aged pretty well but X-Com has not. The intro was awesome though and it still is. But yeah, go on and play them and see for youself. And if you're arsed, write a blog on it! I'll be interested in seeing how you'll find it.
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@eroticfishcake:  Maybe I will, but trust me it wouldn't be a good read :P
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@Daveyo520: No matter how terrible it'll be there's bound to be someone who'll like it.
Or if you're feeling adventurous, record it. But that's pretty lofty.

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