X-COM Complete Pack Currently $5 on Steam!

#1 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

Steam's weekend deal for January 10-11 is 66% off the regular price for the X-COM: Complete Pack. This brings down the price to an extremely low and affordable $5! I will definitely be purchasing this pack and if you're interested in some cheap and awesome gaming...check out the deal here.

#2 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

Darn. I was hoping this weekend's sale would involve something I didn't buy from the Christmas sale.

#3 Posted by BiggerBomb (7012 posts) -

Valve is so consumer friendly, it's sinister. I think there is something going on behind the scenes, we may be on the brink of a world crisis.

#4 Posted by Kazona (3269 posts) -

I think I'll pass

#5 Edited by MB (14393 posts) -

Awesome.  I can't wait to play X-COM again, this is a definite classic.

I never even played any of the X-COM sequels...and if I remember correctly, I never finished UFO Defense either.  They're installing right now.

#6 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

That price is too good. I might just buy this for kicks.

#7 Posted by Megalon (1457 posts) -

Man, even though I already bought 2 of them on steam and have the disks...I'm tempted the complete pack.

#8 Posted by DefaultGen (176 posts) -

You could've just bought UFO Defense for $5 and have been done with it.

The other games aren't worth playing in 2009.

#9 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3244 posts) -

Steam 's extremely low prices are making me worried about its future !!!

#10 Posted by DefaultGen (176 posts) -

You're worried about deals on 90s PC games?

#11 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3244 posts) -
DefaultGen said:
"You're worried about deals on 90s PC games?"
In this tough economical era  you should be worried about everything  O__o
#12 Posted by The_Drizzle (755 posts) -

This deal is up again, are the games playable?

#13 Posted by The_Drizzle (755 posts) -

*Bump* Anyone?

#14 Posted by BeachThunder (13305 posts) -

I think you need to bump this th

Anyway, IMO, it's probably best to just buy the original and Terror From the Deep.

#15 Posted by mdslac (35 posts) -

Can these games be played in windowed mode? I'm interested in experiencing them for the first time, but I'm not sure they'd play well with modern screen resolutions.

#16 Posted by The_Drizzle (755 posts) -

@BeachThunder said:

I think you need to bump this th

Anyway, IMO, it's probably best to just buy the original and Terror From the Deep.

Are you being sarcastic? (apologies if you aren't, my sarcasm meter might be out of wack) Anywho how well does it hold up?

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