Looks like it's "Destined" for the bargain bin

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*puts on sunglasses*

You'd think they would have changed the meaningless name to make it harder to make punny review text.

I haven't played this game yet, just watched the quicklook, but regardless of how the game played, all they really needed to do was go a little deeper in the mythology to justify all of this foolishness. Why not just use Mimic / Calvin Rankin? He's basically Peter Patrelli and he's an absolutely real character that they did not use in favor of generic football jock #64? Just mess his face up in the opening segment and you've subscribed to the Saints Row 2 school of character (re-)creation justification. Best of all worlds, you get to play as a real x-men, keep the swappable powers, and have a character creation thing going on to boot. Plus people would be able to call you by a code name which is great.

Second, say all of those stormtrooper guys you slaughter are actually mindcontrolled Madrox / Multiple Man dupes, outfitted with armor and weapons by that anti-mutant group. Suddenly it's way sadder, but now you have a new plot point.

It would have required almost no alteration to the game and story, they'd save money on voice actors, and they wouldn't have to model anything else, but suddenly this game would game some authenticity cred as opposed to what it currently is: Generic dude beating on other generic dudes and robots for a few hours, and some stilted conversations with mildly recognizable comic characters as a reward, then slapping X-men on it and calling it a day. Or go the extra mile and implement some Bioware-style romance options like the comic geeks have always wanted and give them additional reason to play through it all. From the looks of it though, this is DCU Online, but Marvel, and offline. And really bad.

I understand making compelling gameplay is a hard thing. I get it. It seems like the original goal of this game was to fit as many playable mutant powers into it as possible instead of focusing on a few and making them legitimately fun to use. Their choice in characters to include were probably based on who had the powers it would be easiest to model in a brawling engine (Avalanche? Really??). In the quicklook, it looks like Ryan didn't even have to bother actually punching anyone, just hitting the attack button the general vicinity would cause his orbs to home in on baddies. That's not a cool power. Also, the Northstar "flight" ability is just the Quicksilver "fast running" ability without the animation. And it has to be, because legitimate flight would break their game, and make all the wall-climbing pointless. And what's the danger in bottomless pits at that point?

This game seems to be just a bad idea built upon other bad ideas. I'll get it from gamefly next month for 8.99 once it's on clearance because I do enjoy stupid easy games and comic books, but I'm not looking forward to it.

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