Storm Confirmed??? Mentioned In An X-Men: Destiny Article.

#1 Posted by rbysjti (354 posts) -

Storm's name is mentioned on one of the articles that was found by an x-men fan who is also waiting to get this game. I tried looking for images but couldn't find any. So it's too really to confirm i guess.

So i just wanna share. Do you think this was just an error, including Storm's name in the article or did they just confirmed her inclusion to the game?

Here's the link and be the judge:

#2 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

Dude she's Storm, she WILL be in the game.

#3 Posted by Orange_Pork (611 posts) -

Seriously, the game's called X-Men Destiny. The X-Men are in it. That means Storm.

#4 Posted by clumsyninja1 (816 posts) -

Actually finished the game no Storm whatsoever...

#5 Posted by PrinceGumball (17 posts) -

There is definitely no Storm in this at all.

#6 Posted by masterofelectricity (1 posts) -

I've only just purchased the game but hope that Storm is in the game, and even though some people say that she is not in the game, there may still be hope as the storyline changes everytime you play the story because of the decisions you make during gameplay. :)

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