austintrees's X-Men: Destiny (Xbox 360) review

X-Brand Men... Made in China

first off, this game feels like a late ps2 game, a launch 360 game, or a cheap downloadable action game. it also feels like someone in china is creating a game based on an x-men game, called ex-man: destiny of bad rip off, which is a free to play instanced mmo where you get to choose you character skin and basic personality/background from a list of ideas that got cut from the list of good ideas... except the thinner male, he had a good base premise, but his character was to weak to make it worth it.. the worst thing about this game besides the fact that it plays like an up-rezed psp game is the character outfits/player costumes. there are a tone of iconic costumes, and a tone of different great examples of design that have been used in comics, fan art, cartoons, and movies for the design to be this bad. im not holding the fact that this was essentially a game that was to polished up of a turd to flush, when you could just say its a baby ruth and at least sell it for a dollar, but there art style was just miserable. and felt like the rip off action figures you see at the dollar store. this game isnt worth your time... it could be an interesting single comic storyy.... but its not... its nmiddle of the road... and its been ran over a few times.

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