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sickingly easy.

After reading such horrible reviews about this game i spent $2.00 of my hard earned money to play it. I got it home and took a deep breathe before inserting it into the console. Since this title has been out for a little while I was suprised after the game booted that there was no update. Since i admittedly hated this game before i even played it i laughed and thought what a horrible experiance this was about to be. Now we start the REAL review.

I'll open with saying I'm being very kind by giving this game a 4/5. In reality the game easily deserves a 3.75/5. While playing the game I experianced the llaggy frame rate. This isnt a constant occurance, yet it is noticable when youre fighting large amounts of enemies. The games graphics remind me of something you would see on a playstation2, or even on a gamecube. The story actually hooked me in, but at times left me scratching my head. I loved the plot of the story although your decisions don't really change much at all.

The gameplay isn't bad. It's a 'button-masher' for sure with combo's so easy that an eight year old could easily pick it up and master it within minutes. All in all this is not a bad game though. In fact I enjoyed the time i've spent on this title.

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Posted by chilipeppersman

good review, but even yours being the most positive makes the game still sound like a waste of time

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