Could this game be good?

#1 Posted by TravisT (197 posts) -

It might be possibly be another good movie spin-off game according to Brad Shoemaker in "I Love Mondays"

#2 Posted by Captain_Fookup (1526 posts) -

Raven Software is making it, it will be good.

#3 Posted by jamBOT (70 posts) -

I hope so.  The game footage and trailer look amazing.  But I'm still going to wait for reviews, before shelling out my money.

#4 Posted by DEADMARCH (5 posts) -

Yea as soon as i hear the words "movie game" I run and cry in the corner.
THIS GAME IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. One of the best movie games ive ever played, to be honest I will play a game and get really bored really quick but this game has kept me playing for about 8 hours straight yesterday and about 4 hours straight today and I still havnt finished it. Some people thought this games campaign was short, they have got to be friggin joking man! I sort of work through achievements aswell bear in mind.
Great game I highly recommend it.

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