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#1 Posted by CynageN (1210 posts) -

I just played through it... this game went from being far off my radar to being a first day buy.

Fuck. Yes.

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#2 Edited by VitaminWaterYum (484 posts) -

Is this on XBLM?

edit: yes it is, will post some impressions soon.

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#3 Edited by CynageN (1210 posts) -

Yes, for North America I believe.

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#4 Posted by Manachild (587 posts) -
Crayola said:
"Is this on XBLM?"
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#5 Posted by VitaminWaterYum (484 posts) -

Holy shit this game is awesome, a bit framerate problems every once in a while, but other than that it's awesome.

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#6 Posted by Dimsey (1121 posts) -

Game came out two days ago Down Under. Picked it up no sooner then it hit the shelves.
Yeah. It is awesome.

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#7 Posted by RiddleBrother (521 posts) -

WOW. That demo was fucking savage. I was surprised  by the brutality several times. The gameplay was... the better half of middling. Game looks good, but the whole thing feels kinda floaty to me. The moves didn't feel like they
had any weight to them, but they look great, so... I donno. I'll probably rent it. I really like the character and the dark tone of the game, so I'll check it out, but if I had to guess the GB score, i'd say it'll probably get a 3.

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#8 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

The game isn't bad, but it's not very interesting or entertaining to me.  Just not enough to the game to keep me interested.  I'm also surprised how mediocre the damage model is more enemies.  I was expecting them literally to be torn to shreds after all the talk.

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#9 Posted by zitosilva (1887 posts) -

Yeah, I was also pleasantly surprised by this. I was ready to ignore it completely, but now I'll probably buy it. Not only is the combat fun, but it also seems to have a lot of depth, with moves to learn, abilities to upgrade etc. Maybe this will indeed break the rule and not be a movie game that sucks.

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