Just saw the leaked Work Print of X-Men Orgins: Wolverine

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And I just feel utterly disappointed :/

I mean I am used to them changing stuff in the X-Men movies but this is just weird. The worst part is that the script is just bad. You care for NONE of the characters, not even Wolverine. The movie is an action movie/revenge tale but doesn't seem to capture any real moments. Someone dies, it doesn't matter because you may not have known their name. There is talk that they have reshoots and additional footage but I would think half the movie would need to be redone including the story.

They also do that thing where they just explain every little detail of the plot and because this is an prequel movie, we all know who isn't going to die. I was really hoping that this movie would have been really good. I put the blame on FOX because I think the movie was just a rush job. It seems like it was one of those scripts that got through just under the writer's strike or something.

We are still planning to see it in the theater but it is just sad. The only real good thing is that maybe this will just stop the FOX X-Men movies. I would love to see a Marvel Produced X-Men movie. I would bet that this will also squash X-Men Orgins: Magneto aswell. Again, early on it seems sort of like a fun ride but go in there knowing it is a stupid action movie and does what stupid action movies do.

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way to be late to the party. 

also this wil be locked, you can't just come on here spoiling this shit. 

but i do agree, it definitely sucks. verrry lame, just cheesy all the way through. they learned nothing from batman begins or iron man obviously
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Already been a thread about the leak bro, the search button is your friend.

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