This Dude Made His Own Wolverine Claws

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#151 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

The plastic ones that they sell at the toy store will never seem the same again.

#152 Posted by EndrzGame (323 posts) -

I just hope he's on my side when the zombie apocalypse hits us. Could you imagine him being a zombie and having those things? None of my cardboard boxes would save me.

#153 Edited by Andheez (583 posts) -

Not a bad invention, but it has nothing on the people who made the real Lancers.

PS.  I also like the look on his face when he yanks them out, classic.

PPS - What song is that?  Is that Mars Volta?

#154 Posted by Mann_uk (73 posts) -


#155 Posted by Sunjammer (915 posts) -

I have seen loller things, but as far as lol goes, that's pretty fucking lolled out

#156 Posted by ElectricHaggis (630 posts) -

It's only a matter of time before that dude impales himself on those things.

#157 Posted by kumi (1 posts) -

Kind of sad.. :D

#158 Posted by darkjester74 (1576 posts) -

The important question is, will it still cut a tomato after slicing a tin can?

#159 Posted by Media_Master (3283 posts) -


#160 Posted by BassmanPaul (68 posts) -
Great song that. Would be so cool to actually own a pair of those, especially if you had them on a night out. You'd never have to fight again with 6 knives attached to your fists scaring the crap outta people.
#161 Posted by gbrading (2035 posts) -

Wolverine? More like Edward Scissorhands by my reckoning.

#162 Posted by thefjk (137 posts) -

Yeah that's something that shouldn't be left lyring around! Still it's totally awesome!

#163 Posted by trophyhunter (5800 posts) -

the actual impressive part is that they are retracible 

#164 Posted by Bulldog19892 (1795 posts) -

Such a sad sad use of a weird off pitch version of a great Mars Volta song.

#165 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

The perfect movie title for this video: There Will Be Blood.

#166 Posted by fillmoejoe (1469 posts) -

He would've been perfect to be the mo-cap actor in the game.

#167 Posted by XuShin (31 posts) -

Wow...What can I say except...Not in the Face... :P

#168 Posted by cannibeast (35 posts) -

Cardboard boxes beware. I don't have the sound on, but I hope to God he called 'em "Bub" before mercilessly impaling them. I was really hoping to see his rendition of a "Claw Drill."

#169 Posted by JazGalaxy (1576 posts) -


I wonder if he went to a bar that night with the express purpose of getting into a fight.

I love how you can see in his face that he's totally pretending he's wolverine when he hits that box..

#170 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -

No, he won't smile about it. Because it's serious. Serious. Business.

#171 Posted by Kyle (2323 posts) -

Rhyno: "You may scoff but when the legion of evil cardboard boxes attack, this man will be your only hope."

^ Actually made me burst out laughing

#172 Posted by Daftasabat (510 posts) -

So glad i'm not a cardboard box, i'd be soooo scared right now. Hope we see this kinda action in the movie snik snik

#173 Posted by Crono (2669 posts) -

That is sweet

#174 Posted by TekZero (2672 posts) -


#175 Posted by HaHarr (43 posts) -

I wholly endorse this.

#176 Posted by Player_4 (21 posts) -

Now if we were boxes, we would be fucked

#177 Posted by DrRandle (1202 posts) -

I'm suddenly more afraid to go out onto the streets.

#178 Posted by Oriental_Jams (3063 posts) -

Should have used a watermelon.

#179 Edited by zoo (17 posts) -

I don't know what's more pathetic: the fact that, the most substantial medium he could think to puncture is a flimsy cardboard box, or that the video was edited to include the self-aggrandizing melancholy of the whiney limp dicks known as Mars Volta? Find a junked car and show me what those blades can do to a flat tire or find yourself a girlfriend. Either way, you'll be stabbing something with your poker that requires real effort, nincompoop!

#180 Posted by Doomsayer (43 posts) -


Pretty cool creation.

#181 Posted by CoIin (83 posts) -

I'm willing to bet he doesn't have a girlfriend and is still living with his mom.

#182 Posted by Alexander (1721 posts) -

I would not have a drink with that guy.

#183 Posted by ShogunSupremacy (141 posts) -

I wish he would cut like a slab of meat or a dead pig, like they always do on The Deadlest Warrior!! That would be awesome!

#184 Posted by Shocker (2339 posts) -

That's pretty cool, but sad at the same time.

#185 Posted by TehBuLL (612 posts) -

He's one 'itch on face' away from instant death.

#186 Posted by AaronReynolds (69 posts) -

So...uh...yeah. I want those.

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