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Definately not another "Movie Game"!

Let me firstly just say that this is probably one of the best "movie released games" ever, even grinding through the various achievments is entertaining to a degree. [[Also this will be a relatively quick review]]

Story/Gameplay: Is quite long, way more in depth than even the movie and in fact branches out into some of the comic storylines. Ive been playing it for roughly eleven hours, and Ive only just had the fight with gambit so the story is quite lengthy. I think what splits this apart from other movie related titles is that it does branch off in someway, you meet mystique and even to my surprise the "sentinels" from the comics and 90's cartoon series (love those transformer wanabeez). The gameplay is great also, controls feel really smooth and it didnt take me very long too adapt to the buttons I mean cmon its another button bash game right? :P As you level you aquire exp which is then used to increase your skills such as healing, claw dmg, and then special attacks and their features. You also find things called Mutagens which can be assigned to Wolverine to further increase his powers.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are great, tons of blood, and tons of...blood. No but honestly the graphics do really compliment the games outdoor/indoor areas, foliage, wolverine himself, and the enemy character models. You can unlock different costumes for wolverine such as the classic outfits from the cartoon series (personal fav), and the textures look soo good! A neat feature I liked was the fact that wolverine gets wounded and heals as your play so there will be times where you have shotgun holes in you and covered in blood but eventually the skins grows over it. You have probably seen trailers and images, so yea the graphics are really nice. I SHOULD MENTION THOUGH, that a couple of times there were some textures that didnt load completely, you get the basic under texture of lets say a mechanical structure but the detail isnt there and it looks really tacky.

Sound: The sound is nothing short of amazing. Really nice voice acting too..

Replay Value: Not a whole lot. No multiplayer, no online, THERE IS ONE THING THOUGH if your purchased a reserved copy at gamestop you got a unique code which unlocked this "x arena" and its basically four different rooms where u can challenge yourself and test your wolverine that you have built up from the very first level. In one room you can spawn any enemy, and any number of enemys (mix and match), another is a room full of all the environment killing objects, spikes, even concrete mixers BRUTALLLLLLL!111!1

OVerall great game, and definately worth picking up, im actually not sure if renting will provide you with enough time to finish though..

3.5 / 5


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