pissedoffthewitch's X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Uncaged Edition) (Xbox 360) review

X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't the best, but far from the worst.

    Wolverine Finally gets the video game treatment he's so desperately deserved after travesties such as "X2: Wolverine's Revenge". Originally, this game was not being developed as a tie-in move adaptation, but rather a stand alone game, until the developer's were asked if they would wait to release the game along with the movie. This gave them a whole year to fix and polish the game and do extra work on it, and it some ways, it shows... some.

    The important thing is gameplay, and with the inevitable comparisons to God of War and Devil May Cry, that this game is going to get, the gameplay in it is more like a deep, gorier version of a beat 'em up. What gives the game it's brutal feeling is that it take the "M" license and runs with it. People's arms are being ripped off, heads severed, chests ripped apart. Logan reveives some pretty heafty bumps as well, if shot up enough, his limbs will be shown in all their skinless glory. This may not be as over the top as Madworld, but it's violent enough to make it blush.

    The gameplay isn't going to be anything new to people who have played these type of games. You get experience ponits, level up your attacks, buy new ones, gain levels, rinse and repeat. Breaking up the game are "Lunge attacks" and a kind of instinct mode, which helps you sniff out traps, and puzzles. Much like X2: Wolverine's Revenge. The second half of the game seems to get a little to easy, once you've gotten a majority of upgrades, you'll be hacking up guys without even worrying about what's happening to you health bar.

    There are a couple of times where cut scene's won't look so great, and environments will clip, and some of the AI in the game will just give up and wait for you to kill them, most of the bugs I found showed up during boss fights, but not much could ruin them since their bare bones. After you do beat the game, it doesn't take too long, there isn't much replay value, which in my mind makes it a instant Rental, you can unlock a hard difficulty and alternate costumes, which look awsome.

    X-Men Originns: Wolverine is probly the best wolverine game you can get and this is a above decent film to game adaptation. Although it doesn't break the curse of bad move games, it certainly doesn't line up with other train wrecks out there, it's more of a baby step forward for games.

Posted by RiddleBrother

This is all stuff you could find in any of the other reviews. I'm more interested in reading about your personal experience with the game, why you liked it, why you didn't, that sort
of stuff.

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