No X-Men: First Class Movie Video Game?

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I find it quite puzzling why nobody made a video game based on the movie X-Men: First Class, as with most movie based games I'm sure it would have been average/medicore. But I just don't see why they didn't, it would have sold incredably well.  I am aware of the X-Men: Destiny game that is in the works, but thats unrelated to the movie.
Oh and I just saw the movie, its one of the best X-Men movies, still undecided whether its better than X-Men 2 or not, but its pretty awesome! 

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Yeah, most of these movie tie in superhero games are horrible. I'm glad they didn't waste the time or money.

#4 Posted by Tuddlesworth (114 posts) -

There's no need for one. Also, have you ever played the piece of shit known as X-Men: The Official Game?

#5 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Given the comparisons to The Dark Knight I've heard, I can answer why: there was no Dark Knight video game. There was a game for Batman Begins, but none for The Dark Knight.

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Moved to the X-Men franchise forum.

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@Video_Game_King: There was a game in development by Pandemic Studios, but was cancelled probably because it wasn't any good.
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Lets just praise our respective gods there isn't a game based no the movie.

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Wolverine was a great game, if not repetitive. Raven should have doe something for it

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In my head I see a Bad Marvel Ultimate Allience style brawler game..

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