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Xaldin, also known as the "Whirlwind Launcher", was part of Professor Xehanort's group of apprentices, and was called Dilan at the time. His primary weapons are six lances, which he can control using the power wind elements. He is also able to control Dragoon Nobodies. Xaldin first appears hooded with the other Organization XIII members in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden. He later confronts Sora in Beast's Castle, where he tries manipulates the Beast's rage to create a powerful nobody.

When his plan fails, he turns the Beast against Sora and his friends by stealing the Beast's rose. The Beast is defeated and comes back to his senses. Xaldin then goes on to kidnap Belle also, and forces the Beast to choose whether Belle or the rose is more important to him. His plan fails again when Belle escapes and takes the rose with her. Sora and his friends finally confront Xaldin on a bridge, where they fully defeat him, after that point he is Terminated...

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