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Xardion, or Choukou Goukami Xardion (lit: "Super Attack God Xardion"), is an action game in which the player assumes three different robots who are defending their homeworld from invaders. Each robot has a different assortment of strengths and abilities that requires that the player switch between them regularly. It's also advisable to switch forms whenever the current robot has incurred a critical amount of damage.

The playable robots include:

  • Triton - A humanoid robot with a powerful gun, who can also fire upwards as well as forwards.
  • Panthera - A cat-like robot that can slip through smaller spaces, though is unable to jump as far as the other two robots. Fires from shoulder-mounted guns.
  • Alcedes - A beastlike robot with four arms that caries a staff. Shoots from its antennae.
  • Xardion - An extremely powerful robot that replaces Panthera towards the end of the game. Has superlative combat abilities and has the same abilities as the three other robots.

Anime giant Gainax is included in Xardion's credits, but the nature of their contribution to the game is unclear.

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