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XBlaze Code: Embryo is a visual novel developed by Arc System Works for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The game was originally published in Japan July 25, 2013. It was then licensed by Aksys Games and released in the US on June 24, 2014.

It is a spin-off from the BlazBlue franchise, taking place 150 years prior to the main games in the series. The game itself is a visual novel that has a unique take on how the player chooses to advance the story.It takes place in Shin Yokozaki City while focusing on Touya Kagari who seems to just be a normal high school student. This doesn't last for long since he runs into a crazy person in the restricted zone that almost kills him yet thanks to the strange girl Es he survives. After this things just keep spiraling out of control with new characters popping up all the time.


The TOis menu

Since this is a visual novel the main gameplay should be obvious so it seems better to focus on what else the player can do. The TOis system is the main mechanic that changes up how decisions are made. The player must choose between a assortment of news stories that will branch the story a few different ways and can change the ending. Other than that TOis can also help the player remember each character since it keeps a updated profile throughout the entire game. It is also possible to access a TIPS menu to learn more about different locations or phrases.


Es the heroine

Es: At the beginning Es may seem rather cold with her stance of only stating what needs to be said yet in time she starts to warm up to Touya. After all trying to protect him is a full time job even for a great warrior like her. Outside of battle she can be really naive almost like the only thing she knows about is how to fight. Also she really likes pudding.

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