The Plug and Play Cable

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Hey guys, 
I have a standard 360 controller (wireless) that I'd like to use for my PC gaming (for Fallout 3, specifically).  When I use the plug and play cable to attach said controller to my PC, it lights up and everything; I hear Windows (XP) make the "da ding" noise that it makes when new hardware gets plugged in--but I can't seem to get any of my games to recognize that it's there.  I've downloaded the drivers that come with the "PC" controllers and installed them, and I still can't get it to work right.  Any ideas?

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Play and Charge kits don't work for that purpose. All they do is charge the battery pack.
To use a wireless 360 controller on PC, you need an adapter.

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Yes, you will need the $20 wireless adapter that plugs into your PC. Either that or buy a wired controller.

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Bleh.  I should have known that I'd have to buy something extra.  Thanks, guys.

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 So, is my PC lying to me? This won't work?

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