Can't turn off auto-renewal anymore?

#1 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -

On you used to be able to log-in and turn off auto-renewal, now you have to contact customer support... nice.

#2 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

Yeah it's a right bitch to get out of it now. From the start of the process to the eventual cancellation of payments, it took me over an hour to get it sorted.

#3 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -

Yeah, you used to be able to just turn off auto-renewal and remove your credit card.  I called 1-800-4-MY-XBOX and they tried to tell me that you have to have a credit card to have a gold account, which is total B.S.  For the last like, 14 months I've been using subscription cards, my account doesn't even auto-renew till the end of 2011, so the card isn't even active on the account. 
Ugh, the people at Xbox customer service never know anything either, they always put me on hold to talk to their supervisor.  How about I just talk to the supervisor since you don't know what you're doing faceless-customer-service-rep.

#4 Posted by DrPockets000 (2875 posts) -
@JoeyIA: I've always had great customer service from Microsoft, even when it's an Indian.
#5 Posted by JoeyIA (666 posts) -
@DrPockets000: They're never rude, they just never know what they're talking about.  Like, I told the rep the web address with the 'turn off auto-renew' option after she said they didn't have one (I was looking right at it) and she says "oh, can I put you on hold please?"  
One time I got my RRoD'd Xbox back from repair and the faceplate was broken.  I called customer service and spent like 20 minutes explaining what the faceplate was to the person.
#6 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

Also, how the fuck are there so many people who cannot understand New Zealand accents? We speak like fucking robots over here and probably have the clearest english going.

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