120GB Hard Drive not detected in original premium 360

#1 Posted by Newjack (256 posts) -

Hey guys, I bought Rage the other day and heard it runs best when installed. I thought this would be a good time to buy a bigger hard drive (I have been soldiering on with a 20GB before now)

I bought a pre- owned 120GB from Gamestation (one of the larger game retailers in the UK) and plugged it into my 360 and was prompted to update when I switched it on. I OK'd the update but it informed me that I needed to insert a device with over 160MB (I forget the exact amount) of space free. I then cancelled the update and looked in the memory section of system settings to find that the only thing detected was my 360 memory card with my profile on.

I then unplugged my wireless adapter and tried it again, but the hard drive still wasn't detected. My first thought was that the hard drive was faulty, so I went back to the shop and got a replacement pre- owned 120GB. I just got home to try it again, but this hard drive isn't found either.

I've used the hard drive from my girlfriend's Elite in the past with no problems, and my 20GB hard drive still works fine after trying the two I bought.

I'd really appreciate any help people could give me!

#2 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

Make sure that the hard drive is all the way in the slot. Also check if there's dust or similar in the slot extender on the hard drive. I hated those HDD so much back then, and the new ones on the Slim model is so much more convenient.

#3 Posted by Newjack (256 posts) -

It's definitely inserted properly and I've blown any potential dust off of both contacts, still no luck.

#4 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

So the 20Gb hard drive works on the premium, but not the 120. And both of them works on the Elite? Weird. It could be a format issue of some sort. I will try to do some research on this.

#5 Posted by Super_Yosh_64 (135 posts) -

piss on the disc and hope it helps lmao

I'm sorry i had to post that but to answer your question idk try reformatting it

#6 Posted by Newjack (256 posts) -

Yeah that's right. Thank you!

#7 Posted by Zidd (1911 posts) -

Are you sure its a legitimate Microsoft hard drive? Updates have a habit of disabling non-MS hard drives.

#8 Posted by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

That's right. A recent update for the 360 restricted certain hard drives not licensed by Microsoft to not work. If your girlfriend's Elite is not on the internet, she may have not gotten the update, hence, it works for her.

#9 Posted by Newjack (256 posts) -

Nope, it's definitely genuine.

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