360 Elite no longer reading discs

#1 Posted by AndyMP (254 posts) -

No red lights, I've had more than enough of those in the past. But now this 360 Elite is not reading discs. Does this Xbox nightmare ever end? What's the best course of action, repair or just cut my losses. Again.

#2 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Call customer service and see if you're still within warranty. It wouldn't hurt to try.

#3 Posted by AndyMP (254 posts) -

Warranty expired October 2010 :(

#4 Posted by big_jon (6157 posts) -

That sucks, you might be able to have a computer shop replace the disk drive.

#5 Posted by psylah (2273 posts) -

You, and the hundreds of other folks are SOL. Spend the cash to send it in and have it repaired or buy another one. Don't even have the luxury of raising a stink by threatening legal action anymore.

#6 Posted by vorpalparasite (337 posts) -

A relative of mine had a 360 with the same problem, I opened it up, cleaned the lens and it worked. Maybe try one of those discs with the brush on it.

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