360 has stopped working

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My xbox360 an elite no longer seems to work, when I turn it on the lights still flash the way they should but nothing is displayed on the TV. I've tried different TVs and changing cables but nothing I do makes a difference the screen stays black. The most that happens is the no signal message to flash or I get a message telling me to check the power depending on the TV I was using. Is there anything I can do?

If there is nothing I do have another 360 I could use an even older white 20GB 360 but I'm not sure about moving my elites 120GB hard drive to it, is it as simple as swapping the two out? I should still have access to any games/dlc I bought on the market place right? Any advice would be welcome.

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Yes, it is that simple, but stuff you paid for is tied to your 360's serial# when not online.

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@MrFlibble: ARe you using the correct input on your tv? As fas as I know the 360 is busted only if you get red lights , or have you checked the adapter lightS? It should be green as well

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@Aetheldod: I've checked everything at this point the only option is something happened to my 360, though I have no idea what. It seemed to be fine an hour before I had problems.

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Welcome to the club.

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Maybe you have to reset the resolution?

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@GnomeonFire: If you mean holding Y and RT while it restarts then yes, hasn't fixed it.

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Has anyone ever sent a 360 to microsoft for repairs? How long did it take and how much did it cost?

I've put my 120GB in my old white 360 now, wish there was some way I could keep the old dashboard it looks some much better then the mess of adverts.

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@MrFlibble: I've sent my 360 for repair to Microsoft twice, first it took them about a week to fix it and it cost me nothing because it was on warranty, the second time was the second RROD on the same console, it was out of warranty and if I remember correctly the repair cost was somewhere around 60 bucks or so. also it took them more time, almost two weeks.
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Hmm nothing like this has ever happened with my 360 before but I have a different model. I had this problem with my ps3 once and it turned out it had been set to display in HD and I was using a standard definition television. I doubt that helps because it's a different system and everything but maybe see if there's some manual way to reset display options before you spend money on something?

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Could cost me £90 to get if fixed by microsoft so I may just wait and get a slim 360. Do the hard drives from elites work in slims 360s?

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@MrFlibble said:

Could cost me £90 to get if fixed by microsoft so I may just wait and get a slim 360. Do the hard drives from elites work in slims 360s?

no. you either have to buy a 250gb console or a 4gb console and then buy a 250 hard drive. 
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@MrFlibble: Just find someone else who can fix it for you, it'll be way cheaper and faster.
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Have you tried turning it off and on?

I'm so, so sorry. I had to.

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